At the ISN Conference 30 Nov 2019

Thanks to all who came along to the recent ISN Conference

Approximately 18 people attended.  

The morning was held by Robin Shohet and Phil Turner and the afternoon by Steve Mepsted.  We started the day breaking into pairs and sharing a ‘sparkling’ moment at work. This is an excellent exercise for putting people in touch with their strengths and creating connection and relationship.

After hearing from some of the participants we moved into an appreciative inquiry of supervision, again in pairs for 20 minutes each way.

The appreciative inquiry form used in the session led by Robin can be downloaded HERE

We spent some time writing on sticky notes asking what brought us here and wrote this up on a flip chart. unnamed

After a tea and cake break, we looked at the theme of projective identification and Brexit and what the political climate had brought up for people in terms of their psychology and their ancestral history.






The afternoon was presented by Steve Mepsted (who manages the website)

Steve led a session which initially encouraged participants to think about a topic or issue of current interest and to share this with a partner. After the session participants were asked to consider submitting a piece of writing for inclusion on the ISN website as a blog post.

Steve explained how blog posts are the main tool for driving traffic to a website and therefore generating interest in the work of ISN

His presentation showed 10 ways to think about this task and hopefully make it a fun exercise to engage in while diversifying the type of posts that could be written on any given topic.

Steve’s slides are included HERE 

It was suggested that we include a page for individuals who are looking for a group, or another to form a dyad. This will be discussed further with a view to implementation soon.

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