Jim Holloway

I started counselling in 1995 as a volunteer with young people. In 2004 I completed the Adlerian (Individual Psychology) Diploma and set up an independent practice offering generic counselling for adults and specialising in anger management. It’s kept me very busy.

I ran ‘Moving Through Midlife’ groups for men for many years. Qualified as a supervisor in 2009. From 2012-18 I was a partner in Cambridge Supervision Training (am now an Associate) and currently do a lot of supervision with a wonderful diversity of practitioners.

I co-wrote ‘Practical Supervision’ (JKP 2014) with Penny Henderson and Anthea Millar. At present I write the supervision column in BACP’s Private Practice Journal. Main interests: keeping sane, keeping crazy, keeping married, not over-working, not getting cynical, finding joy and soul in the work and with colleagues.

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