Veronica Phillips

My main work is in Voice Movement therapy,( VMT):an arts therapy that employs the embodied voice as the main modality. My practice is named “ESSENTIAL VOICE”, which caters for one- to- one sessions as well as Workshops and short courses. My work can include psychodynamic therapy, subtle energy work, shamanic practices, active imagination, writing, drawing, archetypal and sub-personality work, as well, of course , as vocal sounding and song, frequently improvised. I am passionate about this work and its deep soul connection as well as the confidence, self validation , creativity and… Read More

Monica Suswin

Monica Suswin is a writing practitioner in the field of Writing for Wellbeing with a background in humanistic psychotherapy. She trained with Gerda Boyesen, the Norwegian founder of Biodynamic Psychotherapy in the seventies, and was later a freelance journalist and radio producer (BBC Radio 4). She gained an MA in Creative Writing from Sussex University (2002). Monica offers writing sessions, holds regular Writing for Healing Workshops in her Cabin on the Hill, Sussex. She is a member of Lapidus International  (The Words for Wellbeing Association) and NAWE (the National Association of Writers… Read More