Willow Tree Group

The Willow Tree Group are Chamari, Lyn and Kris, we are based in Manor Gardens, London, N7. Currently our group numbers three however we can expand to four. Our group has been meeting since January 2019 (9 Months). We meet Monthly, and our meet duration is from 12 – 3pm

We work in an integrative manner, two of us are trained via CSTD as supervisors, so we are familiar with the 7-eyed model. We share the time equally between us for presentation and feedback from the group – it works for us. We start the group with a check in and we have a mini-comfort break in the middle. 

We are open to being visited and to visiting other ISN groups/dyads

Our meeting venue is not wheelchair accessible. There are steps up to the front door. Internally we meet on the first floor. Tea and Coffee are available. We share the costs of the room booking equally amongst those who attend. Kris Black is the group administrator for room bookings and other issues, and set up this group in January 2019 by calling for supervisors from BAATN to join a peer supervision group. (We were originally four which is probably the largest we want to be as a group to work together effectively.) We joined the ISN network in September 2019.

You may contact The Willow Tree group using the form below:

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