Two Poems by William Ayot

Here are two poems which William Ayot wrote for his and Juliet Grayson’s presentation on Compassion for the Perpetrator on July 3rd. We thought we would share them here: Pandemic You can catch it in a lift — on a crowded bus, on your way to work or noticing a stranger in the street  who, catching your eye, looks down and away.  Sometimes it’s something someone says, in a meeting, over dinner, even on a date. Like a half-suppressed but barked-out sneeze  that sprays its lethal shower of droplets,  a single word… Read More

ISN – The Journey So Far: Outcomes

On March 3rd Joan Wilmot spoke with John Wilson of Online Events about the intention and purpose of the Interdependent Supervisors Network and reflected on the following questions: Is it needed and by whom? How do we support each other in our work life as supervisors? What structures support us? How do we manage the creative tension between our need to belong and our need to do our own thing? How do we create community and connection when we are spread all round the country? How does technology help or hinder this?… Read More