Invitation Group

We are the Invitation Group and we meet in North Yorkshire. We are (left to right) Martine Moorby, Grace Warwick, Steve Dilworth, Rosemary Dossett, Dave Barthram and Helen Green. Our original reason for meeting was to share ways in which our diverse work and life styles contribute to learning in the spiritual/transpersonal realm.  We all responded to an invitation from Bryce Taylor, teacher and colleague to many of us who sadly died soon after our group began meeting. We continue to hold the spirit of his invitation as our core intention.

There are six members in our group and we have been meeting together for approx 10 years. We work in a peer-to-peer manner, using an emergent process. 

We meet three times per year, for a whole day. and we hold occasional meetings across two days, including an overnight stay at a convenient location.

We did not originally set up as a supervision group but, when ISN was brought to our attention by one of our members we reflected that our meetings have many of the facets that we, collectively, think and feel are part of good quality supervision.

We are open to being visited logistics (geographical) permitting.  Initially we feel that being visited might be for part of the day we spend together.  We are open to visiting other groups according to their needs and our ability to travel to them.

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