Centre for Peaceful Solutions Webinar

“Empathy in Action – Exercising the Heart” Join us for a FREE 120-minute webinar on 4th November 2020 at 18:00 (UK time) where Maria Arpa, MBE, Founder of the Centre for Peaceful Solutions will walk through a live demonstration in dealing with our inner and outer landscape when it comes to conflicts in our life.  VIDEO [2:47]: Watch Maria Arpa, Founder of the Center for Peaceful Solutions, introducing the Dialogue Road Map. This will be an interactive session with a live audience member so we will shout out for a volunteer! The 120-minute webinar will include: · A welcome from Maria Arpa,… Read More

Being your own best friend

How would you like to treat yourself? Maria Arpa Many people I speak to find it really easy to be in service of others and find it very difficult to be in service of their self. The most obvious example of this is the personal ‘to do’ list. I can easily foil a person’s unconscious plan to make their own life less wonderful by asking a really simple question: ‘Would you give that ‘to do’ list to anyone else and expect them to feel it is a reasonable ask?’ Not surprisingly the… Read More