ISN MEETING (Online) 7 November 2023

Hosted by Onlinevents and CSTD London

7 November 2023
6pm –8pm
Zoom link

It takes a village…’  The importance of community is core to our wellbeing so welcome to our village of supervisors!  

The independent supervisors network grew out of a supervisor’s symposium a few years ago.  The intention was, and still is, is to support supervisors across professions and in particular peer supervision groups and dyads.  

Peer supervision groups and peer supervision dyads can join the network by clicking as well as supervisors looking to form or join a peer supervision group.  Members of one supervision group are encouraged to visit other supervision groups to provide learning, feedback, and cross fertilisation.  

Introduction and supervision focussed on a theme.  We have had feedback that focusing on an aspect of supervision adds to the process. To get us started the VIP group along with John Wilson will explore the theme of trust in supervision.  

There will be break out rooms for your own supervision in your peer supervision groups and peer supervision dyads. People without a peer supervision group can get together in break out rooms for peer supervision and the opportunity to form a peer supervision group or peer supervision dyad.  

Time will also be set aside to look at the ongoing running and managing of the network, the website and meetings.


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Meeting Online
6 February 2024
pm – 8pm GMT
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