Lynda Meina

Lynda Meina is a senior leader with experience of working at clinical and strategic levels within a variety of settings. A Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist and Clinical Director, she seeks to develop staff groups, to encourage them to develop their ‘best selves’ in delivering compassionate care.

Lynda began her clinical career working at the Cotswold Community, a psychodynamic, psychotherapeutic community for children aged between 8 and 16 years old. It was in this setting that Lynda began to develop her understanding of, and love for, working with groups. Lynda went on to work with young people in Oxfordshire who were engaged in harmful sexual behaviour before working with a broader range of young offenders. She moved to Liverpool to train as a Clinical Psychologist.

Returning to Oxford six years later, Lynda moved to deliver mental health in-reach into high security prison for over a decade. She left forensic mental health to return to working with children and young people in 2018. While working in her current NHS Trust as a lead consultant psychologist, she has focussed on developing reflective practice and quality clinical supervision. She is committed to group working and has developed as a supervisor using the Seven Eyed Model of Supervision, having trained as a trainer with Robin and Joan.     

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Lynda Meina