Anita Wicks

I’ve been a practicing Registered Homeopath for the past 30 years, with Naturopathic nutritional therapy for the last 10 years.  I’m based in Brighton UK, previously London, I am also a Registered Nurse, though not currently practising.

Supervision has always been an important part of my professional work, and continues to be now.  I have been a member of two Homeopathic supervision groups, my first one was facilitated by Sheila Ryan, and after that another group supervision led by a Psychosynthesis practitioner. I have also worked regularly as a Homeopathic Supervisor, giving one to one supervision to Homeopathic students and newly qualified Practitioners.  

I was involved in a therapeutic counselling peer group which met twice a month for 10 years, this nourished me at a personal/soul level and as a Practitioner.   

I do regular supervision with a Homeopathic colleague and with Camino de Santiago where we meet in twos and threes as well as a whole group when we can. I am in my final year of a diploma course in Psychological Astrology 

Anita Wicks RSHom NHF.Dip

Registered Homeopath & Nutritional therapist

Tel: 01273 699075 or 07977563716

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