Derek Bradley

I am a One Spirit Interfaith Minister, Bio-Dynamic Psychotherapist and qualified Aura Soma Practitioner . I am Irish and live in Dublin Ireland. I qualified as a Bio-Dynamic Psychotherapist in 1997. My work in this field included one to one therapy and group facilitation.

Through my own personal development I became interested in the value and use of colour within the work and trained as an Aura Soma Practitioner to Level 2 and qualified in 2011 . 

As I continued to work with my own growth I had a need to find a spiritual path that would fulfill and nourish . This search led me to the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation and in 2014 I applied, and was accepted , to train as a One Spirit Interfaith Minister.  I completed the training and was ordained in 2016 . 

Following that I spent a year mentoring students during their training in 2017 . 

Currently I am training in supervision with CSTD .

Minister Derek Bradley 

One Spirit Interfaith Minister 

Legal Solemniser