Drop-In Peer Supervision Session

This drop-in group is an opportunity for colleagues to come together into pop up peer groups and access support and supervision. We will begin this session with the large group; the intention being to move into peer groups, spending most of the workshop in peer group supervision.

This is also an opportunity for peer groups that have already formed to meet at the same time as other groups and feel a wider community creating a container in wwhich multiple peer groups can be held.\

This session will be convened by Joan & Robin Shohet, Fabienne Chaxeaux and John Wilson.

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On July 3rd almost 200 of us met for the first on line ISN conference. We had some excellent speakers, Keemar Keemar who looked at how we relate to supervision through our biographies and Juliet Grayson and William Ayot who looked at compassion for perpetrators. We explained the origins of ISN and people who were already members spoke of their experiences. A wonderful outcome (from our perspective, as we wished to promote a community of supervisors) is that peer supervision groups arose from the meetings in the break out rooms.

What emerged from the plenary session was to have more meetings and so we are
having a drop in supervision session on September 17th from 6-8pm. The purpose is
two fold. For people to meet other supervisors, and for groups already formed to
practice in their groups. This workshop will be hosted on the Zoom meeting platform where we will use our camera and microphones to interact with each other as a group.

To support practitioners in this time of extraordinary circumstances we are offering
access to this group for a self-select fee.The self-select fee is a radical inclusion policy to open learning for all colleagues. The guide price for this event is £20.00, however, we appreciate that income varies greatly in different locations and circumstances. Please contribute what you can to help us maintain inclusive professional training.

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