Home Group

We are based in Norwich and have been meeting monthly for 90 minutes for 18 months.

There are three of us in our group – Lynda Meina, a clinical and forensic psychologist, Paul, a psychotherapist and Lauren, a clinical psychologist. We are all senior clinicians who supervise extensively and have grown as a result of training with Joan Wilmot and Robin Shohet. We wish to remain connected to their way of thinking and reflecting.

The seven-eyed model is the basis for our supervision. Because we are dispersed we meet via MS Teams.

We all worked in NHS full time but in different teams. We met on the 12 days training provided by Joan and Robin where became a ‘home group’ of four. Three of us have continued to meet. We have all been involved in developing the ‘how to be supervised’ seminar for the Trust and have been trained as trainers by Joan and Robin. One core member has changed jobs but we intend to continue to meet.

We are open to being visited and to visiting other ISN groups/dyads.

You may contact the Home Group by using the form below

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