Joan Wilmot

Joan is a supervisor, psychotherapist and trainer and after a formative seven years as a residential social worker at Richmond Fellowship therapeutic community in 1979, she co-founded CSTD (Centre for Supervision and Team Development).

Her particular interest is in working with systems and complexity, using organisational and family constellations work.  She has been running supervision trainings and working with individuals, couples and teams for over forty years. Her passion is enabling people to find the work they love and to love the work they do.

Joan is a contributor toSupervision in the Helping Professions’ Hawkins P and Shohet R. She also contributed a chapter to ‘Passionate Supervision’ and ‘Supervision as Transformation’ both edited by Robin Shohet, and co-wrote ‘In Love with Supervision’ published in 2020.

Her other book, to her surprise, is a cookery book written with her friend, Jacqui Jones, ‘The Boxing Clever Cookbook’.  She is a member of Playback Theatre Company and is also learning Greek and the accordion (both very slowly!)  She is amongst other things a sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend and is ever grateful for what she has received and continues to receive from them all.

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