Sheila Ryan

I have been in homeopathic practice for 37 years, a retired Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths.  Independent supervisor for about 30 years – a teacher member of EASC. Worked in Ireland, Europe, USA and West Africa as a clinician, supervisor, teacher.

I write daily – a supervision book on the go again now.  ‘Vital Practice the homeopathic and supervisory way’ (2004) A chapter ‘Mindful Supervision.’ for Shohet ed. ‘Passionate Supervision.’(2008) Several journal articles on supervision. 

I run Sea Change Supervisions

Movement practices, dance, ritual are some of what interests me these days. I prefer to work outside wherever possible. In recent years doing supervision with creatives who aren’t in the helping professions but value the supervisory space is enlivening.

The Camino group shares long friendship, journeying and a homeopathic approach: Get alongside, minimal and energetic intervention. We have been together in different constellations since we were first students of the healing arts nearly 40 years ago. I am married to Douglas, we have one son and live on Portland and in Moratalla, Murcia with two terriers, Gloria and Juno. We welcome new people, insights and fresh approaches.

Sheila Ryan DSH Dip. Couns Dip Sup FS Hom

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