Veronica Phillips

My main work is in Voice Movement therapy (VMT), an arts therapy that employs the embodied voice as the main modality. My practice is named “ESSENTIAL VOICE”, which caters for one- to- one sessions as well as Workshops and short courses. My work can include psychodynamic therapy, subtle energy work, shamanic practices, active imagination, writing, drawing, archetypal and sub-personality work, as well, of course , as vocal sounding and song, frequently improvised. I am passionate about this work and its deep soul connection as well as the confidence, self validation , creativity and autonomy people develop.

I trained in VMT some twenty years ago, subsequently training in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy;  integrative and psychodynamic therapy contribute much to my VMT work. I am currently President of the Board of the International Association for Voice Movement Therapy : a small , but international organisation with highly motivated and dedicated practitioners. I enjoy very much being at the forefront of developing VMT and supporting others endeavours, at the same time I am excited by the deepening  connections and strands of my own work.

I have a certificate in Supervision from CSTD and hugely value my peer supervision connection as one half of the Forest Row Dyad, as well as the supervision that I offer for psychotherapists, counsellors and VMT Practitioners.

I am now in my 70’s but still very active : I am married with two surviving adult children, having lost my eldest son about 30 years ago. I live in Hammersmith and mainly work in this area.

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