Welcome to all supervisors, psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, mentors, managers and all those that are passionate about and hold a responsibility for their own and other people’s well-being at work, the well-being of the organisation in which they work and the society in which that work operates.


is a deep and profound space for reflection, dialogue and relationship where we can simultaneously hold each other, our clients, the organisation, the wider system and ourselves in mind.

In conversation with others the idea of an Interdependent Supervisors Network has been growing since 2012 and it has now come to fruition.


The intention behind the ISN Network is to provide a relational container for supervision and supervisors.  The work – be it the client, the customer, the team or the organisation is held by the supervisors.  They in turn are held by their body; someone at their back.  We human beings flourish when we have someone at our back. We  are relational; we aspire to connection, empathy, communication and learning.

Tribes throughout history have formed and come together to talk, celebrate, learn and share so it follows that as supervision emerges as a profession, it will create a body in which to do that.

We are now at the stage of groups and dyads joining the website (currently being funded by CSTDLondon)

We envisage being a peer based community network, each group or dyad being responsible for its own boundaries, style and principles.  The aim is for groups and dyads to join via the website and at the launch on July 5th to connect with two other groups or dyads, one group or dyad that they will visit on an ongoing basis and one which will visit them.  The other structure that will be created at the launch day is a small group to manage the website, membership and arrange twice or thrice-yearly gatherings to meet as as a whole body. The network is emergent and as it grows the connections and interrelating will grow with it.

If you would like to join the ISN network – see HERE

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