Take Part

How to Take Part

The criteria for joining is being in a peer supervision group or peer dyad (co-supervision).

The first step to joining is to download the form on this website, fill it in with your group or dyad and email it to the current site managers:

Joan Wilmot 

Steve Mepsted

We will post your details on the site.

A note on the layout of the current site: You will see Groups/Dyads and Members have been assigned temporary letters and numbers. These will of course become your group names and member profiles when we receive your submissions.

The latin text you see on the member pages is placeholder text to indicate how your words will be laid out. 

You can download the form HERE

Then come to the conference/launch at CCPE on July 5th.  To book onto that contact Alison at CSTD London www.cstdlondon.co.uk. The outline of the day is posted on the events page of CSTD and on this website.

The whole group or individuals can come.

The launch/conference is where groups and dyads can begin to link up for the ongoing visiting and enquiring.  Those who can’t make the day can register their interest and will be emailed with a summary of the day and the next meeting gathering, the date to be decided at the launch; at the moment is imagined to be about three months after the July launch.  The next steps will emerge from the day.

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