8th International Supervision Week 2023

26th June – 1st July 2023

Hosted by John Wilson of Onlinevents, CSTD London and ISN.

We will be starting the week by having an opening session for all the presenters and participants to talk together about what they want to offer and what they want to get out of it.  This is at 7pm BST on Monday June 26th 7 – 8 pm.

There are approximately 20 workshops. They are mix and match so you can attend one, all or inbetween!

Collection of drop-in workshops click HERE to see the programme.

The primary purpose of ISN International Supervision Week is to spread the idea that supervision could be beneficial in many different ways to a wide range of people. As such the aim is to go to places where supervision might not usually be happening and to create forums for innovative, exciting, and connecting conversations about work and life.

To belong to the ISN you need to be part of a peer supervision group or dyad and send in your and the group’s details.  We have regular meetings to share ideas and where people can also come together to form new peer groups.

If you would like to join the ISN network – see HERE

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