Report on ISN Autumn Gathering 19.11.21

9 of us met hosted by Jim Holloway and Robin Shohet.  We met on Zoom for three hours with two short breaks.  

We shared why we had come and appreciated the emergent nature of the network and at the same time how do you belong to something emergent? The creative tension of needing/wanting to belong and needing/wanting to be independent; it is a ‘creative tension’ that Sue Goss explores in her book The Open Tribe.  

Robin gave some of the history, purpose and structure which on returning to look at the website this morning is well written up under Summer gathering 2020.  

We did an exercise where we stepped into the different voices in the field of supervision.  We recorded this as we wanted a record of the different archetypes sitting in all of us and out in the world and Jim as the host has the recording. 

We had a three-hour conversation, the time flew by, and as David Whyte, the poet/consultant recognised, the only thing that changes anything is ‘good conversation’.

A supervision dyad (pair) took on looking at hosting the next gathering in the Spring and I/Joan took on learning how to host the website so we can in the longer term use it as a means of communication through blogs and more immediately posting next gatherings.  I have had my first lesson, and this is my first post.

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