Introducing the Online Forum for ISN

A Brief History 

Robin and I (CSTDLondon) started running the online group supervision in conjunction with Onlinevents on Thursday mornings from March 26th 2020. 

The idea for it emerged in a conversation with John Wilson and Fabienne Chazeaux of onlinevents.  However it was conceived well before then through many years of us running supervision groups and trainings in supervision, the monthly Friday drop in supervision group and the supervisors network (ISN), from John Wilson’s side running onlinevents for the last eleven years and jointly our working together on and off for the last eight years. 

The group, albeit a response to not being able to work face-to-face, has developed the supervisors network; nourishing and growing it over the last ten weeks in a way that we hadn’t imagined. The format follows that developed in the Friday group with a theme for the first hour (‘Shame’ has been the theme for the last three weeks) and in the second half the ISN concept of peer supervision groups as a primary support for supervisors, supervisees and supervision. We also wanted it accessible to all so payment is ‘Gift Economy’ (pay what you want).  

Participants wanted to be able to contact and dialogue with each other between sessions and this was also something that members and potential members of ISN had also wanted. So John and Fabienne have now set up a forum on onlinevents for just that.  

The main purpose of this blog is to introduce the forum to you and and give you the link:

If you copy and paste it on your website you should be able to join the online forum

At the next ISN conference/gathering on July 3rd (which incidentally we had organised to be online prior to the virus) there will be presentations in the morning including, ‘do we supervisors need a formal network/body’ and in the afternoon ‘peer and facilitated supervision groups’.

Warm wishes
Joan and Robin

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  1. I’ve just finished my dream session with Joan&Robin another brilliant experience

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