Dr. David Owen

David works half time as a holistic family doctor and half time split between being a facilitator, coach, medical educator and small team and organisational consultant. He is also a responsible officer, appraiser of other responsible officers, supervisor and trainer of supervisors including GP trainers.

Until recently he worked a day a week at the medical school in Southampton where he was lead on student personal professional development. David is a member of the Wessex deanery tutor group training GP trainers and providing clinical and educational supervision training. He offers both individual and team coaching that he has done for over 20 years seeing this as a highly effective tool for personal and team development and growth.

He co edited:

Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession: Structured Reflective Practice’

David has been working with doctors and health practitioner for many years and has experienced the benefits of regular facilitation, coaching and supervision in practice development, team management, practitioner wellbeing and patient care.  David uses a model based on ‘five different realms of practice’ to explore the difficulties within groups and to enhance how groups and individuals respond to those challenges. For the last 5 years he has been working for Wessex Deanery to facilitate practice away days and has been working as an external consultant to ‘vulnerable general practices’.

David works closely with 2 colleagues as part of  Wessex Facilitation and is a coach for The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management

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